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Integrate centralizes top-of-funnel demand channels ensuring standardization, validation, and enrichment to all lead data, producing outcomes that will help close more deals and generate revenue.

Resources from Integrate:


Cost of a Bad Lead in 2020 Guide

Over the past few years, demand marketers have been inundated with advice on the quality over quantity debate, particularly when it comes to lead generation. So why do expensive and time-intensive demand programs and campaigns still deliver bad leads that … read more »


Marketing Orchestration: An Introduction for B2B Marketing Leaders

As a B2B marketer, you’ve spent the better part of the past decade reinventing yourself, evolving on the fly. As you’ve worked to keep pace with relentless change, the expectations––and your responsibilities––have changed rapidly as well. You need to get … read more »


The Playbook to ABM Tactics That Work

In 2019, the majority of B2B marketers will adopt account-based marketing, a strategy that will consume around 28 percent of marketing budgets. As pressure mounts to show results from this investment, the organizations that will succeed are those taking a … read more »


Display B2B Buying Has Evolved

Today’s B2B buyer is elusive, impatient and informed. For marketers, focusing on key accounts is no longer just a tactic; it’s a fact of business life. In this insight-filled whitepaper, you’ll find a range of ideas, tactics, and advice on … read more »