Guide to Content Syndication Success

Setting up your content syndication program for success

A robust demand program has multiple elements, each of which interacts with the other. Setting up content syndication for success means knowing its role, what the right content is, what your leads should look like, and how to pick the right partners. The stakes are high, because we’re talking about the revenue lifeblood of the business. This phase will help make you a “maestro” of content syndication, adept at the design and integration of content syndication programs to amplify all of demand generation.
Download the “Phase 1” guide covering:
  • Intro: The Many Faces of Content Syndication
  • Chapter 1: Achieving Your Demand Goals with Content Syndication
  • Chapter 2: Profiling Target Buyers to Build the Best Lead Pipeline
  • Chapter 3: What Content Is Optimal for Syndication?
  • Chapter 4: Framework for Finding Your Best Content-Syndication Partner

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