Guide to Content Syndication Success – Phase 3

Mastering follow-up and measurement for your Content Syndication programs

Are the leads from your content syndication (CS) producing the pipeline you expected? Certainly, if you’ve defined your target buyer well, used compelling content, have good CS partners, and are validating the leads at intake, you are well on your way. But many experienced demand marketers have seen seemingly high-quality leads mysteriously lag in eventual pipeline and sales. And that’s when the finger-pointing begins.

To be a highly successful demand marketer, you must include mastery in lead follow-up and lead metrics to your CS capabilities. Shaping these two processes is the only way to ensure achievement of your goals. And each has surprising nuances that are key to the ultimate effectiveness of your demand generation.

Download the “Phase 3” guide covering:

Chapter 8: Follow-up: The Make-or-Break of Demand Generation

Chapter 9: Third-Party Content Syndication: Monitoring and Measuring Results

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