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Level Up Your Customer Experience By Building a Winning Martech Stack

Date: Jul 27, 2021 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Justin DeBrabant, Head of Product at ActionIQ
Carly French, Marketing Technology Strategy Consultant at Merkle


This Time It’s Personal: The Enterprise Guide to Personalization at Scale

Customers want to feel like brands know who they are and expect brands to deliver a personalized experience that’s unique to them. Beyond customer expectations, there’s business incentive: when 50% of revenue for most brands comes from the top 10% … read more »


Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization for Ecommerce

In Bidnamic’s “Advanced techniques for driving conversions in Google Shopping campaigns” you’ll learn about: Ecommerce conversion rate benchmarks, including standard, poor and successful conversion rates for the top 10 verticals online Overcoming barriers in the customer journey Delivering more compelling … read more »


Website Engagement in a Changed World

Engage and connect site visitors through personalized content. Businesses tend to struggle with personalization because they may not know who is visiting their site. Fortunately, businesses can personalize a website experience without relying on personal information. Highlights from SoloSegment’s B2B … read more »


How successful retailers optimize their Google Shopping campaigns

This playbook from Bidnamic explores how top retailers have leveraged the rise of Google Shopping in search marketing, driving increased online sales and profits. You’ll learn about: The input metrics used by campaign managers to beat the competition The latest … read more »


Converting with Conversational AI

Reactive, one-size-fits-all marketing is a thing of the past. With conversational AI, you can offer a more friendly, personalized experience and turn your website visitors into revenue. Read this ebook from Ada to discover 5 ways you can use conversational … read more »


4 Ways Chatbot Marketing Can Drive Sales

Chatbot marketing puts an end to the guessing game and starts equipping your sales and support team with valuable information from the very first point of interaction. Read this ebook from Ada to discover 4 ways chatbot marketing can drive … read more »


Global Social Media Advertising Trends Among Retailers in 2021 surveyed global retail brands to learn how they approach their social advertising strategies in 2021. This report helps brands plan their social media advertising strategies in the ever-changing landscape. After reading this eBook you’ll learn how retail brands: Approach … read more »


Win with Faster Webpage Load Time

Things happen fast in the digital world and if your website fails to make an instant impression because of slow load times, visitors are quick to leave. To improve your webpage load times and increase customer engagement, follow this four-step … read more »


The Hidden CX Strategy: How Accessible Digital Experiences Unlock Wide-Ranging Growth

Website accessibility can no longer be an afterthought for businesses. What once may have been a legal requirement or compliance issue is now at the forefront of leading-edge customer experience. Just stop and think about it for a second. That … read more »