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Why It’s Time to Move Beyond Sentiment Analysis

Advertisers and marketers are benefiting from sentiment analysis that does the impossible: understand individual needs and opinions among millions of customers—through thousands of tweets, Facebook posts, online reviews and discussions—providing a window into marketing effectiveness. But there’s more to understanding … read more »


The Forrester Wave: Customer Analytics, Service Providers, Q3 2017

In Forrester’s 33-criteria evaluation of customer analytics service providers, they identified the 10 most significant ones — Allant group, BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions, Clarity Insights, CSS Corp, Experfy, Fractal Analytics, Genpact, LatentView Analytics, Mu Sigma, and Tiger Analytics — and researched, analyzed, and … read more »


Live Chat Best Practices for Conversion Rate Optimization

Date: Oct 12, 2017 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Brian Massey,Managing Partner, Conversion Sciences
Paul LaRochelle, SVP of Business Development, MarketLinc


Pick Up The Phone: Your Best Customer Is On The Line

Marketers cannot ignore offline channels. Customers no longer see a difference between digital and physical. In fact, in this age of digital connectivity, inbound phone calls are on the rise. And it is often these customers who call directly to … read more »


The Marketer’s Guide to APIs: Increasing Offline Conversions with Tracking and Analytics

Online, you’re able to track views, click-throughs and other conversion metrics using advanced analytics solutions. And though these insights paint a pretty rich picture of engagement, there is a growing blind spot in your data — what happens offline. When … read more »


Personally Identifiable Information: Responsible Practices to Safeguard your Google Analytics Data

The digital space has given marketers massive reach and capability. But with that power comes responsibility, along with an obligation to protect data that can be recognized as personally identifiable information (PII). Recurring audits and safeguards built into your technical … read more »


Beyond the Single View of the Customer: Taking Insights a Step Further

In order for today’s businesses to thrive in the current marketplace, every department needs to have a strong focus on the customer. Accomplishing this hinges upon the company having a single view of the customer, which enables the business to … read more »


Three Ways to Optimize Campaign ROI With Call Tracking Built Using APIs

The dog-eared yellow pages of yesterday are now online, changing the way customers look for information, choose a service and ultimately make a buying decision. Whether looking for medical or legal advice or a hotel, a home rental or a … read more »


The Persona Identify Crisis – How to Segment Your B2B and B2C Customers the Right Way

With easier access to more customer data, marketers are able to segment their target markets to the finest detail. But how do you know what data will actually be useful in driving ROI? A common problems is underestimating the power … read more »


Serving The Underserved – Recovering Revenue through Intelligent Visitor Engagement

Although live chat and 1-800-numbers are staples for online software vendors, not all live visitor engagement solutions are created equal. Second-generation chat tools support proactive engagement, but without predictive personalization capabilities, a solid targeting strategy, a process for continuous optimization … read more »