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Growth Strategies for SMBs and the Agencies That Serve Them

Date: Oct 19, 2021 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Madelyn Wing, Director of Partnerships, CallRail


Data Democratization: Giving Employees & Customers What They Want

Breaking down data silos and bringing all of your customer data together makes it possible to create a master customer record that can be used to optimize customer experiences. But bringing data together is just the start. The next step … read more »


Accelerate Your SEO Success – SEO Data is the Key

Since the pandemic began last year, there has been a marked shift in attitudes towards SEO, with all eyes on companies’ digital presence as the primary shop-front for customers. Regardless of whether this is sustained, or if it eventually normalizes, companies … read more »


Measuring the metrics that matter: 3 steps for digital marketers to prove ROI

With new platforms emerging, a multitude of metrics to wrestle and an increasingly noisy competitive landscape, some could argue the job has never been more intense – or important. From Google to Facebook, programmatic to pay-per-click and beyond, you need to … read more »


Track and measure: A guide to improving your digital performance through actionable analytics

While gathering analytics data is relatively easy, connecting that analytics data to your digital strategy and organizational goals has proven difficult for many teams. Marketing teams can use their website analytics to learn more about buyers and how they interact. … read more »


Artificial Intelligence and Customer Analytics Guide for Marketers

The era of artificial intelligence and the predictive marketing it enables has arrived. As marketing has become increasingly data-driven over the last 20 years, the tools required to analyze data and make it actionable have also become increasingly sophisticated — … read more »


A New Kind of Marketing Cloud: Where Data Takes Center Stage

It’s no secret: effective marketing requires data. However, traditional marketing clouds have been built with a focus on customer activation and managing modes of engagement, rather than making customer data an integral part of the cloud. Instead of a marketing … read more »


Enterprise Customer Journey Analytics Tools: A Marketer’s Guide

New! MarTech Intelligence Report: Enterprise Customer Journey Analytics Tools: A Marketer’s Guide Download Now   MarTech’s all-new publication of the “Enterprise Customer Journey Analytics Tools” examines the market for customer journey analytics tools and the considerations involved in implementation. The … read more »


Marketing Intelligence Playbook: Effective Data Measurement in 3 Steps

In this guide from Salesforce, you will learn: The importance of marketing intelligence as key to customer and business impact The main data challenges that marketers face today Three steps to creating an effective measurement strategy


Marketing Intelligence Report: Data and Analytics Trends to Drive Future Growth

Learn about the marketing analytics trends impacting business growth. In this report, you will learn: The role marketers play in driving business growth The state of marketing analytics Key data and analytics challenges marketers face The progress marketers have made … read more »