Guide to Content Syndication Success – Phase 2

Developing a data-driven infrastructure and integrated approach for your demand efforts

In your daily demand-focused world, content syndication may seem both easy to grasp but also challenging to consistently excel at. The fundamentals are straightforward: define your targets, create compelling content for them, and use partners that deliver. Done. However, achieving revenue goals reliably from program to program means executing at a deeper level: using advanced targeting analytics; adding data integrity capabilities; and driving synergies with other marketing programs. At the same time, you can’t let yourself, your team, or your stakeholders get overwhelmed.
Download the “Phase 2” guide covering:
  • Chapter 5: Applying Data Governance for Content Syndication Programs
  • Chapter 6: Using Content and Data to Find Organizations That Are Ready to Buy
  • Chapter 7: Integrating Third-Party Content Syndication into All of Marketing

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Driving revenue through precise digital experiences that connect with buyers, starts with the Integrate Demand Acceleration Platform – a scalable foundation at the heart of your demand cloud. With this platform, B2B marketing and demand generation teams can ensure they have the right data to power nurture and lead programs to reach the right buyer at the right time and in the right channels. Customers such as Avalara, Rackspace, Box, and Iron Mountain were able to increase lead acceptance rates, save thousands of wasted media dollars, and significantly cut lead follow-up time, ensuring their sales teams quickly connected with interested buyers.

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