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Algorithms and Optimization for SEM

We can’t control economic ups and downs or consumer behavior, but we can control our online response. So when our current marketing strategy produces results that are less than optimal, it’s time to enlist a different approach. With Adobe’s portfolio … read more »


10 Ways to Use Your Product Catalog to Maximize Retail PPC Campaigns

Every retailer has a database of products for sale, commonly referred to as a product catalog. Not every retailer, however, is using their product catalog to the fullest extent possible to maximize their retail PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns. Without employing a … read more »


The Search Marketer’s Guide to Creative Testing and Optimization

Turn Impressions Into Clicks, and Clicks Into Conversions In a search landscape where millions of keywords define intent, generating the most compelling creative can prove to be a daunting task. For paid search programs, big and small, creative optimization remains … read more »


PPC Bidding Basics: What you don’t know is probably hurting you

The Subtle Science of Bidding Bid management for brand keywords is a complicated beast. If you’re perplexed by campaign results, it’s possible that seemingly intuitive methods—like bidding all brand keywords at high levels and always aiming for position 1.00—could in … read more »


Bid Testing Best Practices

Many digital advertisers think of bid testing as a risky activity. Yet in reality, nearly every digital advertiser engages in bid testing, which in its simplest form means changing a bid and observing the results. This white paper looks at … read more »


“Why Care About Combination Clickers”

Search marketers often try to profile consumers who click on paid ads against those who prefer natural search results. But the reality is there is little discernable difference between paid and organic clickers. Your better targets are consumers who click … read more »


The 20-Minute PPC Work Week

Most small businesses get weak results from PPC for one simple reason: They don’t spend enough time in their accounts. You don’t have to spend days or even hours per week working on PPC to make a difference. You can … read more »


Understanding Multi-Channel Attribution: Best Practices for Attribution Strategy & Modeling

Creating an accurate attribution model is one of the most difficult parts of any search marketer’s job, particularly in light of the proliferation of new media channels and audience fragmentation. There are many questions that are difficult to answer, including: … read more »


10 Steps to the Right Landing Page Platform

Deploying beautiful, high-performance landing pages is easy with the right solution–but which one is right for you? Whether you’re actively looking for a landing page platform, or you’re simply exploring the available options, this guide can help you perform a … read more »


Big Data Management – Forensics

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