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Relevant Reach: Is the way you think about reach outdated?

Today, digital marketers believe they have to choose between scale and precision targeting. Oracle Data Cloud offers the proof that supports they don’t have to. The more relevant the audience, the stronger the campaign performance will be. While Oracle found that … read more »


A Better Way to Build Martech Software

In this ebook, Indusa explores a better way to build martech. On the one hand, software is software. On the other, martech companies are their own unique creatures. While they do need to build software like any other SaaS or … read more »


The 5 Pillars of Marketing Automation Success: Establishing a Strong Foundation for Your B2B Clients

Are you setting your B2B clients up for marketing automation success? By taking just a few easy steps, you can ensure they’ll get the most out of the platform from day one. In this issue of Agency Perspectives, you will learn: … read more »


Video Marketing Software: A Marketer’s Guide

First Edition! Market Intelligence Report: Video Marketing Software: A Marketer’s Guide Editorial Advisor: Mark Robertson, Founder, ReelSEO (now Tubular Insights) Research/Writers: Karen Burka, Senior Research Consultant, Third Door Media Emily Fraser Voigt, Freelance Writer Editor: Claire Schoen, Director of Content, Marketing … read more »


Social Media ROI Template

The Social ROI Template will give you advice on goal-driven analysis and which metrics matter, insight on how to tie social data to marketing investments, an easy-to-follow, five-step process for determining ROI, and a downloadable template to make calculations easy.


Take Back Control of Your Content: Using Technology to Master Content Marketing in 2017

Content marketing is a relatively new concept, but one that has quickly generated interest and attention from the marketing function of many organizations. Having content to share is, undoubtedly, a good foundation for building long-lasting customer relationships. But that content … read more »


The Practical Guide to Account-Based Marketing Measurement

While Account-Based Marketing is probably the hottest topic in B2B marketing, marketers are struggling to measure the effectiveness of this strategy. In this white paper from Brightfunnel, they provide a framework for how to thoroughly measure ABM in real, practical … read more »


Data is the Secret Ingredient for Social Media Marketing Success

The answer is simple: lack of data-driven marketing. For social marketing to compete with other marketing channels, it’s necessary to stay close to customer and performance insights buried in analytics. The problem lies in that most social marketing software providers … read more »


ABM Benchmark Insights (Q3 2016)

Do you know how your account-based marketing efforts are performing? How do those results stack up? Download this report from Brightfunnel to learn about 5 key insights they learned when analyzing data from a network of organizations using the Brightfunnel … read more »


What is Marketing Automation?

This white paper reviews the basics of marketing automation. Download it to better understand what marketing automation is and how it can work for your business.