Build a Winning Marketing Attribution Framework

Date: Mar 9, 2023 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Nani Shaffer, CMO, Channel99
Ashley Long, Director, GTM Operations and Forecasting, Demandbase

Equipping marketing leaders with the skills, tools and data they need to prove ROI is a lot like setting out to sea on a fishing expedition. Prep work is required! You need hooks, lines, bait, a rod, bobbers and a bonus if you have a boat to carry it all.

Rather than distributing equal bait to each rod of a marketing campaign despite not knowing which will produce the most bites, marketing attribution teaches marketers to assemble the best combination of bait before casting its line into a sea of prospects.

Join Nani Shaffer, CMO at Channel99, as she discusses:

  • What is marketing attribution, and why it’s important
  • The top 3 challenges in marketing attribution
  • How to choose the right attribution model for your business
  • Plus, tried and true best practices from attribution pros!

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