The Three Types of Machine Learning & Their Uses in Marketing

A marketer's guide to selecting the right machine learning

There’s lots of buzz around Artificial Intelligence (AI), but the noise has contributed to a very fuzzy concept for marketers. Despite AI’s proven ability to increase campaign performance and create uplift, many marketers still lack a general understanding of what AI is, how it can maximize business impact, and where to begin to best leverage available tools and data.
Learning about The Three Types of Machine Learning (ML) – supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning – will inform marketers on how they should be thinking about optimizing and scaling their marketing efforts to maximize ROI through using AI.

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A/B testing can be effective for lifecycle marketing (i.e., campaigns to existing, identified customers), but it takes too long and requires too much effort to scale. OfferFit replaces A/B testing with AI that automatically makes unique, optimized decisions for each of your customers along multiple dimensions (such as channel, message, incentive, timing, and frequency). Companies using OfferFit have seen campaign performance lift of at least 20%, and in some cases as much as 300%.

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