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Out-of-the-[Black]-box: Delivering data-driven marketing

For marketing the stakes are high; one wrong message could mean customer churn. Understanding what’s behind data  can help you determine how to use them more effectively and to their fullest potential. Lytics has four core features using data science … read more »


The Marketer’s Playbook to Drive Your Digital Strategy in 2020

Right now, more than ever, the companies that are going to win in 2020 are going to be the ones that understand the importance of tying all of their digital marketing disciplines together. Think about designing a physical store. You … read more »


MarTech Tool Consolidation: Three benefits to simplifying your tech stack

With over 8,000 marketing technology (MarTech) tools on the market, it’s no surprise that digital teams are dealing with tool fatigue. Tools are often under-utilized, teams aren’t properly trained on how to use them, and tool governance means that work … read more »


What to know before you go decoupled: WordPress as a headless CMS

What is a decoupled CMS? Traditionally, a full-featured Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress directly renders the user experience of your site in a web browser. A decoupled CMS consists of a separate front end user experience, delivering content from … read more »


The Role of Marketing in the All-Digital World

Date: Jul 14, 2020 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Meghan Gendelman, VP of Amer Marketing at Salesforce
Dr. Ann Marie Sastry, CEO of Amesite


How to achieve personalization with enterprise WordPress

As the audience of your website grows, it becomes more challenging to publish content that is relevant to all readers. Personalization gives the ability to profile each user’s behavior and capture their preferences, allowing the display of more relevant content to … read more »


The Data-Driven Marketer’s Guide to Predictive Analytics

How we understand human behavior is changing, and predictive analytics—the use of data, algorithms, and machine learning to predict future behavior—is helping companies delight consumers, reduce churn and deepen loyalty with perfectly tailored experiences. In the Data-Driven Marketer’s Guide to … read more »


The Declaration of SEO: 6 Fundamental SEO Truths to Live By

This white paper from Bruce Clay contains the guiding principles that every website owner, website publisher and search engine professional should adhere to when creating or implementing a website and/or SEO program. In a unique declaration format, this white paper … read more »


Guide to Content Syndication Success – Phase 2

In your daily demand-focused world, content syndication may seem both easy to grasp but also challenging to consistently excel at. The fundamentals are straightforward: define your targets, create compelling content for them, and use partners that deliver. Done. However, achieving … read more »


6 Ways Marketers Are Using AI

We’ve all heard that AI can help take your marketing to the next level. This white paper from Acoustic reveals six concrete ways artificial intelligence is actually helping boost results. And when it’s seamlessly built into marketing clouds, it’s so simple … read more »