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A Collection of CDP Fails: 5 Stories to Learn From

What are the most common CDP pitfalls every organization should avoid? And, how can the CX-focused marketer navigate the complex CDP vendor landscape or get the full value of their current platform? In this white paper from Merkle, are five cases … read more »


Searchmetrics Core Web Vitals Study

In this study Searchmetrics crawled over 2 million URLs, crunched the numbers, and performed correlation analysis across the top 20 organic Google search positions to get a sense of how websites are performing before Google rolls out the Core Web … read more »


The 2021 State of Marketing Operations

Download BrandMaker’s latest survey on the state of marketing operations in 2021. Learn the challenges that your peers are facing and what they’re doing to meet those challenges to optimize their marketing ROI. Key findings include: Marketing Operations is the … read more »


The Marketer’s Playbook to Drive Your Digital Strategy in 2021

That’s the mentality we all had in 2020. Living in the moment to tackle the immediate need. For marketers this often meant abandoning broader strategy to handle immediate issues with reduced budget. But 2020 is gone and with-it marketers must … read more »


On-Page Search Engine Optimization: Template and Tips

Although keyword-targeting and on-page search engine optimization are just some areas that search engines evaluate when ranking pages, it is important to get these elements “right.” This complimentary white paper offers tips and a template to help establish a useful … read more »


7 Steps to Become a Marketing Superhero

BrandMaker’s superhero Skye will introduce you to 7 marketing superpowers that will help you master the challenges of global marketing. Find out how you can manage your marketing operations more efficiently. Gain insights into a 360-degree solution. A comprehensive MRM system … read more »


2021 Core Web Vitals Readiness Report

Google’s Core Web Vitals update is just around the corner. To help you prepare, Conductor did research to find out the level of Core Web Vitals readiness across three key industries; Retail, Tech, and Finance/Insurance. Conductor discovered that the level of … read more »


Personalization Playbook: Lifecycle Mapping

Whether your brand uses storyboards, the design thinking process or intuition to build out its customer lifecycle map, that process is only valuable to your marketing and sales teams. After all, no customer ever thinks to themselves that they’re in … read more »


The Future of Digital Advertising: How to Deliver Personalization at Scale with Agility and Automation

Date: Jun 24, 2021 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Nehal Patel, Head of Customer Success, Americas -


10 essentials to Precision Demand Marketing

Right now, today, you must be able to put the buyer and the buyer’s experience at the center of everything you do. This is about connection. And the human touch. It’s about building trust in your brand. And creating buyer … read more »