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Site Search 101

Your website is packed with compelling content from product descriptions to location pages to blog posts. But often the marketing strategy emphasizes SEO and overlooks the importance of search capabilities within their websites.Once you understand how people are searching on … read more »


US Brand Love Report 2022

This year, Talkwalker teamed up with Hootsuite, to refine their Brand Love Index, and analyze over 1,500 global brands to find the 10 most loved brands in the U.S.Talkwalker’s Brand Love index is based on three equally weighted scores for … read more »


5 Best Practices for Bringing Together All Your Marketing Data

For marketers, data is critical to initiatives such as personalization campaigns that increase customer lifetime value, multitouch attribution models that reveal how much each customer touchpoint contributes to a purchase or conversion, and machine-learning algorithms that enhance customer experiences. But … read more »


Moving From Basic to Advanced Marketing Analytics

Marketing organizations are eager to implement advanced marketing analytics to become more data-driven and maximize customer lifetime value, increase sales, and reduce churn. But companies face several hurdles when trying to transition to advanced analytics, including siloed data and reliance … read more »


Agencies: Grow Revenue Streams Through Web Accessibility & Compliance

Date: Jul 14, 2022 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Hans Fuchs, Senior Partner Success Manager, accessiBe
Alycia Anderson, TEDx motivational speaker
Yan Margolin, Partner at Yan Margolin, Attorney at Law
Jimmy Newson, Founder/CEO, Moving Forward Small Business


Digital Marketing Strategy Ebook

For most businesses, finding and engaging with consumers takes place online. It’s a fast-paced market that places a premium on ease of use, relevance and immediacy. To keep up, a robust digital presence is an absolute necessity. In fact, in … read more »


Nonprofit Collaboration Between Marketing and Fundraising

Use this guide to help you take the first steps to strengthening alignment across marketing and fundraising, starting with establishing common goals, processes, and tactics powered by a unified view of constituent data shared between the two teams. The four-part … read more »


Nonprofit Guide: Mapping the Ideal Supporter Journey

Use this guide to map the multiple touchpoints you have with your supporters. As constituent engagement becomes increasingly digital, there are more touchpoints than ever before, leading to many disconnected experiences. That’s why digital engagement through organized and intentional constituent … read more »


Organic Search Industry Benchmarks

Organic is arguably the most crucial form of traffic since it connects the right audience to your site and helps you answer pertinent questions your future customers are asking. Organic is the only channel that produces reliable long-term traffic; in … read more »


Nonprofit Digital Marketing Self-Assessment

Nonprofit marketers are increasingly looking to create more personalized and connected digital experiences for constituents. However, sometimes knowing where to start can be a challenge.Use this self assessment to: Uncover areas of your organization that have room for improvement Share … read more »