State of the Mobile Customer Experience For Multi-Location Brands

Facebook, Google, Apple, Yelp and Bing – over 80% of consumer time on mobile devices is now spent on the apps, websites, and properties of these tech giants. As a trusted partner of each of these networks, as well as Instagram, Waze and Snapchat, MomentFeed has a unique view into the conversations between consumers and all these networks. Over 50 clients and 400 million impressions have been aggregated and anonymized here into a report benchmarking the current state of mobile consumer behavior—across businesses, industries, and consumer networks.

Key Findings

  • Local digital engagement is 5x more impactful on consumer behavior than brand engagement
  • A one-network strategy doesn’t cut it. Each network has something important to offer
  • Accuracy matters. And it means much more than location coordinates.

In this white paper from MomentFeed, explore these findings as well as several specific breakdowns of network behavior and consumer traffic across different business sizes and industries.

Sponsored by MomentFeed
MomentFeed is the marketing platform trusted by companies like Starbucks and Cricket Wireless to connect with and influence consumers at the precise location and moment they are making a buying decision. MomentFeed manages digital location data across premier social and search networks and allows marketing to leverage the data to localize search, paid, and social to enhance the customer experience, increase engagement and drive offline transactions.