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Analyze Social Media and Consumer Behavior for the Greater Good

Date: Jan 18, 2023 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Nicole Olynk Widmar, Professor, Associate Head and Graduate Program Chair at Purdue University
Jinho Jung, Research Associate at Purdue University
Harvey Rañola, Global Head of Media Intelligence, NetBase Quid


Do More with Less: Connect Customer Data to Drive Marketing Efficiency

Date: Dec 8, 2022 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Danilo Couto, CRM Manager, Inter
Johanna Hagenbrock, Salesforce Squad Coordinator, Inter
Isabela Rossi, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, LatAm, Salesforce


The Complete Guide to First-Party Data

As consumer demand for privacy grows, rather than depending on data collected by third parties, marketers are pivoting strategies to rely on first-party data to break through to new audiences. The move from third-party cookies to first-party data is an … Read more »


Winning Life-Long Customers in a Cookieless World

As major tech platforms phase out third-party cookies leading retail marketers are embracing a new approach to personalization: prioritizing zero-party data—personal information that a customer shares willingly and directly with a brand, signaling great interest in their products. As the pressure … Read more »


The Data Deprecation Challenge And The Promise Of Zero-Party Data

Zero-party data has emerged as a powerful tool to help deliver personalized experiences. However, many firms underestimate the benefits of zero-party data, even going so far as to unnecessarily limit their use of it to post- acquisition tactics. This new study … Read more »


How AI Unlocks Value from your Single Source of Data Truth

Date: Nov 1, 2022 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Lourenco Mello, Product Marketing — Solutions, Snowflake
Julian Forero, Product Marketing — AI/ML, Snowflake


Steps to Deliver Highly Personalized Experiences With Quality Data

Date: Oct 25, 2022 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Beth Scagnoli, VP of Product Management, Redpoint Global
John Nash, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, Redpoint Global


Data Collaboration is the New Path to Personalization

Enterprise marketing teams use, on average, 52 marketing tools to manage everything from advertising and content to experience delivery and social media. The result is that most marketing teams continue to struggle with siloed data among all these tools, limiting … Read more »


Expert Advice: Make Your Marketing Stand Out This Holiday Season

Date: Sep 29, 2022 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Joan Jenkins, CMO, Blueshift
Greg Mishkin, Vice President and Practice Leader, Escalent


How Bots and Fake Users Skew Marketing Data and Analytics

Web traffic is made up of bots, automation tools, headless browsers and fake users, which leads to contaminated data. As a result, skewed data has become a strategic issue for data-driven enterprises, undermining key business decisions. Learn more about how … Read more »

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