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We are Fohr: an influencer marketing solution. We were the first in the industry, now we’re redefining it. We've built a self-serve platform that allows you to run the best influencer marketing campaigns imaginable. We also run managed campaigns. End to end, from start to finish, initial idea to final report.

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The State of Influencer Pricing

Pricing has always been a complex and nuanced topic for influencer marketing. We’re not here to say that influencer pricing should be 100% standardized because we don’t think that’s the answer—more transparency and conversation are.This report from Fohr features an open … Read more »


How to Measure Influencer Performance

The influencer and ambassador marketing industry matured in incredible ways over the past couple of years. Budgets are more available. Work is more consistent. Brands and influencers operate with less transactional mentality and more focus on deepening relationships. However, measurement … Read more »