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Snowplow empowers more than 10,000 organizations to generate, govern and model high-quality, granular behavioral data in their own cloud. Equipped with AI and BI-ready data, teams can focus on creating pioneering data applications rather than extracting and wrangling data from CDPs or analytics platforms.

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Maximizing ROAS Through Reduced Latency and Silo Removal

Date: Mar 14, 2023 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

David Wells, Industry Principal, Media, Entertainment & Advertising, Snowflake
Anthony Gianastasio, Head of Analytics, Digital Virgo
Jordan Peck, Principal Data Strategist, Snowplow
Mike Maloney Chief Data Officer, Field, North America, Snowplow


Attribution 101: A Guide to True Multi-Touch Attribution

In this white paper, Snowplow covers what marketing attribution is, why it’s so important and how to decide on the right attribution model(s) for your business. Download the white paper to learn:


101 Guide to Marketing Attribution

Download this whitepaper to deep-dive into: Every marketer measures the impact of their activity but do they truly know the effectiveness of their activity and advertising spend? For the majority of marketers, the overwhelming answer is no. On average, marketers … Read more »


The Advanced Guide to Marketing Attribution

Following Snowplow’s Attribution 101 white paper, this guide aims to help technical teams take their marketing attribution to the next level. This guide explores the challenges to marketing attribution, the best approaches to attribution modeling and walk through an example you can … Read more »