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The Multiplier Effect of Integrating Search & Social Advertising

Surveying more than 200 enterprise advertisers managing Google, Bing and Facebook campaigns Marin Software, compared those who have integrated search and social program to those that manage their programs separately. The research showed that marketers who integrate their search and social … read more »


Mobile Search Advertising Around The Globe: 2014 Annual Report

Sampling the Marin Global Online Advertising Index, composed of advertisers who invest more than $6 billion in annualized ad spend on the Marin platform, we analyzed data from around the world to create this report. Use this benchmark data to … read more »


The Connected Campaign: Social TV, Hashtags and the New Ad Landscape

Television commercials are evolving from a static advertisement, into the cornerstone of a dynamic, multi-channel campaign, meant to inspire consumer action and reaction. This trend has reached an apex in recent months through Super Bowl XLVIII and Sochi’s Winter Olympics. … read more »


The Definitive Facebook Advertising Playbook

The combination of Facebook’s massive audience and sophisticated third-party ad management platforms represents an excellent opportunity for marketers to reach highly targeted customer segments. Using advanced strategies on Facebook, advertisers will reach more of the right consumers with the right … read more »


The Display Advertising Playbook

Over the past few years, we’ve seen advertisers increase their display ad spend to reach more customers online where they spend the majority of their time. In an industry that is constantly innovating, we know the challenge to achieve higher performance … read more »


Google Shopping and the Evolving PLA Landscape

Since launching to US advertisers in November 2010, within a year, Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs) saw significant growth. According to Google, PLA’s experienced a 600% increase in traffic globally year over year and twice the click through rate compared … read more »


PPC Reporting, Simplified

Most pay-per-click marketers say that PPC reporting and analysis is their #1 or #2 biggest time sink. Yet reporting is crucial in order to can evaluate progress, communicate successes, and make improvements. Why are marketers losing so much time on … read more »


Digital Agencies 2014: A Buyer’s Guide

New! Digital Advertising Agencies 2014: A Buyer’s Guide Editor: Claire Schoen, Digital Marketing Depot Researcher/Writer: Karen Burka Download Now Learn how to identify — and hire — the right digital agency for your business — this guide will answer these … read more »


Top 10 Ways to Improve Digital Experiences

In this report, Forrester Research gives you the tools and processes you need to act on digital customer experience improvements across touch points like websites, mobile phones, and tablets. Forrester recommends 10 tactics for evaluating digital touch points and determining … read more »


Global Digital Advertising: Q2 2012 Update

We’re at the halfway point. How do your results stack up? Using an index of 250 billion ad impressions and Facebook activity for 46 million fans across 225 companies, Adobe® Digital Index evaluates digital advertising activity for Q2 2012 and … read more »