Why It Pays to Segment Your Audience

In this new eBook by Claritas, learn how the right segmentation strategy can lead to an accurate and scalable way to identify your best customers and prospects and deliver multichannel campaigns where and when it can be most influential in driving conversions. Not all segmentation models are created equal, don’t take the risk of reaching audiences that are not the ones with the most potential. Claritas offers over 8,000 Syndicated Audiences built from over 10,000 demographic and behavioral attributes including four of the industry’s most widely used segmentation models. You’ll know more about each audience, so you can more precisely determine the ones with the most potential for your business.

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Claritas gives marketers a complete understanding of the American consumer. With over 10,000 highly predictive demographic and behavioral indicators and the most comprehensive multicultural data available today, Claritas allows you to identify better prospects, target them more precisely and improve your ROI.