Webinars for Dummies

“Webinars for Dummies” offers you insights into the steps of putting together a webinar, from identifying your audience through critiquing how your webinar went.

With the information in this book, you can plan an effective webinar, promote your event, create compelling webinar content, and evaluate your success using hard statistics. You also find out what kind of technology platform you can use to make your webinar as effective as possible.

With all of this, you can put together a quality webinar that accomplishes the following goals. You can:

  • Reach precisely the audience you want to reach
  • Put together a bulletproof webinar plan
  • Promote your webinar effectively
  • Rehearse your webinar to know how everything’s going to go
  • Execute your webinar script
  • Evaluate your webinar and plan for the next one

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