Why It’s Time to Move Beyond Sentiment Analysis

Advertisers and marketers are benefiting from sentiment analysis that does the impossible: understand individual needs and opinions among millions of customers—through thousands of tweets, Facebook posts, online reviews and discussions—providing a window into marketing effectiveness.

But there’s more to understanding one another than our words alone. Subtleties like sarcasm, double negatives and regional colloquialisms lend color to our language. And beyond that, we read one another for emotion, perception and bias, considering our tone, words and message even, as we observe faces and see a response we do or don’t like. These cues are an indispensable part of communication.

We’re missing part of the conversation: it’s time to move beyond sentiment analysis as we know it. It’s time for us to measure marketing effectiveness, brand perception and product buzz with data science tools that account for other components of communication.

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