Technology That Enables Great Storytelling

In today’s world, consumers are always connected, relying on multiple channels to get the information they want, when they want. Marketers must develop and enable the ability to publish a steady stream of relevant content that informs and captures customer interest, even while constantly adapting to changing customer demands.

With technology evolving, marketers have to evolve as well. Brand storytelling is no longer about simply publishing a webpage that shares a message or tells a story; It’s about creating a consistent experience and invoking emotion across multiple channels — meaning marketers have to become masters of those channels and content types. Brand storytelling is at the heart of driving emotional connections with consumers, and successful brands have proven there are many ways to tell stories. Technology is central to this process.

Whether developing content around broad messages, creating stories around specific ideas, or posting content on social media platforms, companies need a platform that lets them work the way they want and deliver the right content to the right audience at precisely the right moment. This whitepaper addresses the best practices of successful storytelling and how technology can and should enable those best practices.

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