The Practical Guide to Account-Based Marketing Measurement

While Account-Based Marketing is probably the hottest topic in B2B marketing, marketers are struggling to measure the effectiveness of this strategy.

In this white paper from Brightfunnel, they provide a framework for how to thoroughly measure ABM in real, practical terms that you can use today. In this guide, they show you:

  • How to measure ABM against metrics that matter, like conversion and velocity impact
  • Why ABM must be measured in the context of broader marketing efforts
  • How to A/B test ABM to find the right mix for your business

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BrightFunnel is a developer of a powerful revenue attribution and forecasting platform that helps enterprise marketers turn campaigns into pro ts. Through the company’s multi- touch attribution and intelligent forecasting approach, marketers and executives can now understand the revenue impact of every decision, and align marketing plans with business priorities.