Market Guide for Augmented Reality

The augmented reality industry is poised for growth. See where the market is headed in this Gartner report.

Market intelligence managers need to know how augmented reality is evolving as an internal- and external-facing tool. Understanding how AR fits into the technology landscape of digital business, Internet of Things and cognizant computing will help you deliver value with your AR implementation.

Sponsored by HP Aurasma
HP Aurasma is changing the way we interact with the world. We help the world's top companies and brands use augmented reality (AR) to turn everyday objects, images, and places into new, interactive opportunities to engage with their fans and customers through striking graphics, animation, video, audio, and 3D content that drive real results. HP Aurasma develops and owns 100% of its technology. Founded out of pioneering research at Cambridge University, HP Aurasma owns numerous patents in image recognition and pattern matching. Since launching in 2011, HP Aurasma has since risen to become the leading augmented reality platform and has helped over 200,000 customers worldwide leverage augmented reality to drive innovation and reach their goals. HP Aurasma includes a powerful cloud-based studio for creating, managing, and tracking augmented reality campaigns, an SDK, white-label apps, and a popular Aurasma app available on Google Play and the App Store.

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