Lose the Wait: Loading Websites Faster With Media Optimization

Core Web Vitals putting your SEO rankings at risk? Lose the wait with Cloudinary’s Media Optimizer

In today’s high-stakes digital world, “weight” too often means “wait.” Heavy, media-rich webpages can be painfully slow to load, and evidence abounds that an impatient audience won’t stick around: 40% of site visitors would abandon a page that takes longer than three seconds to load.
Google’s introduction of Core Web Vitals (CWV) provide clear guidance on metrics. The three metrics will assess the load time (Largest Contentful Paint – LCP), interactivity (First Input Delay – FID), and visual stability of websites (Cumulative Layout Shift – CLS), and will determine their search rankings on Google, paired with previous UX-related search signals like mobile friendliness and HTTPS encryption.
This Cloudinary white paper answers the big questions about CWV and provides actionable recommendations using Media Optimizer, Cloudinary’s product which raises your website LCP score through automated media automization for accelerated web performance.

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