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5 Best Practices for Bringing Together All Your Marketing Data

For marketers, data is critical to initiatives such as personalization campaigns that increase customer lifetime value, multitouch attribution models that reveal how much each customer touchpoint contributes to a purchase or conversion, and machine-learning algorithms that enhance customer experiences. But … read more »


The Ultimate Guide to Calculating Marketing Campaign ROI

Marketing attribution is key to determining how various channels, messages, and offers impact customers’ decisions. Successful ROI measurement can result in optimized marketing spend, higher conversion rates, improved personalization, optimized creative assets, and improved product development. The more customer data … read more »


Moving From Basic to Advanced Marketing Analytics

Marketing organizations are eager to implement advanced marketing analytics to become more data-driven and maximize customer lifetime value, increase sales, and reduce churn. But companies face several hurdles when trying to transition to advanced analytics, including siloed data and reliance … read more »


Enterprise SEO Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide

Find out more about enterprise SEO software platforms, plus the latest trends, opportunities and challenges in this market. read more »


Making the Case for Marketing: How to Measure & Communicate Value in a Cookieless World

Third-party cookies are dying. And honestly? Good riddance.There is a better way. With a first-party measurement strategy, you can get to the heart of marketing’s impact using outcome-oriented measures like conversions, leads, sales and, ultimately, ROI.It’s the kind of reporting … read more »


Help Your Website Lose the “Wait” with Media Optimization

Optimizing media is priority #1 in today’s digital world. If you think today’s consumers have the time or the inclination to wait for painfully slow-loading webpages, think again. If a video is buffering for far too long or an image … read more »


Lose the Wait: Loading Websites Faster With Media Optimization

In today’s high-stakes digital world, “weight” too often means “wait.” Heavy, media-rich webpages can be painfully slow to load, and evidence abounds that an impatient audience won’t stick around: 40% of site visitors would abandon a page that takes longer … read more »


The Post-Cookie Marketing Playbook

The death of the cookie means only brands with access to authenticated first-party data will be set up to succeed in the future. The choice is clear: Be forced to rely on expensive walled gardens or move up the customer … read more »


The Ultimate Guide to Google Analytics 360

When it comes to analytics platforms, Google Analytics dominates the space. Cardinal Path research shows that 77% of the Fortune 1000 rely on Google Analytics to drive their data analytics practice. Google Analytics 360 is designed not only to help … read more »


The Intelligent Data Lake for Marketers: Powered by Google Cloud Platform

There is a growing demand for an agile data platform that can help marketers power customer experiences in a more relevant way. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has come onto the scene to help with just that. This suite of services … read more »