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Cloudinary provides a cloud-based end-to-end image and video management solution. Nearly 300,000 web and mobile application developers all around the world, at companies large and small, rely on Cloudinary to manage transform and store their business-critical media assets.

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Lights, Camera, Action – How to create, distribute and manage video content to drive ecommerce

Over the years, video has undeniably became the most popular and engaging form of online consumer content. With video dominating the web, brands are now more capable of delivering life-like experiences to their audience and increasing sales. This whitepaper will … read more »


Leveraging New Developments in Digital Asset Management for Powerful Workflow Efficiencies

Digital Asset Management is more than just the storage of content assets and finding them easily. Businesses need to manage many facets of the content they possess: When the license for a certain photo expires Whether the asset in question … read more »


Digital Asset Management: Enabling Visual Storytelling

Download the Cloudinary eBook, Digital Asset Management: Enabling Visual Storytelling and get insights on how Digital Asset Management is evolving to help you better upload, organize, manage, optimize and deliver your visual content. Download the eBook to find out more … read more »


How Marketers Can Leverage Modern Digital Asset Management For Powerful Workflow Efficiencies

Date: Jul 16, 2020 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Marc Katzin, Vice President of Creative Services, Coloredge
Russ Barr, Digital Asset Management Director, Cloudinary


Media Rich and Fast: Best Practices for Optimizing Web Page Speed

This whitepaper examines the importance of visual media to your online publishing and marketing efforts, and how you can reconcile the ‘need for speed’ with the need to provide an engaging site experience to your visitors and potential customers. The … read more »