Data is the Secret Ingredient for Social Media Marketing Success

Why do brands continue to struggle to achieve success with social media marketing? It’s the question every marketer this decade has struggled with.

The answer is simple: lack of data-driven marketing. For social marketing to compete with other marketing channels, it’s necessary to stay close to customer and performance insights buried in analytics. The problem lies in that most social marketing software providers lack sophisticated campaign management features which allow marketers full control to optimize and test variations.

Insights gained from this approach allow marketers to deeply understand their existing audience while informing how to engage new audience segments. But the most powerful benefit of data is that it helps social marketers compete with other marketing channels by clearly demonstrating the impact driven by campaigns.

It’s time for marketers to use data to succeed and prove the impact of their social marketing efforts – be it raising brand awareness, thought leadership or lead generation.

This white paper from Lithium can help guide you in the right direction by covering:

  • How the social marketing ecosystem has evolved and why it matters to brands
  • Exactly how your social marketing strategy should “grow up”
  • A step-by-step guide to achieving a well-informed and performance-driven social strategy

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