Calls are the New Clicks

How B2B marketers can tap into the power of the phone

cover imageCalls drive 10x more sales than clicks. But 60% of marketers don’t know
what drives calls.
It’s time for Marketers to start thinking about conversions and ROI in
terms of calls and clicks.

With this learn how call intelligence can help you:

  • Optimize for inbound calls, reduce costs, boost revenue, and grow your
  • Accurately measure marketing performanceGet credit for the
    inbound calls your marketing efforts are driving
  • Improve your marketing and drive more revenue today

Sponsored by Invoca

Invoca is an AI-powered call tracking and analytics platform that helps marketers get campaign attribution and actionable data from inbound phone calls. Invoca delivers real-time call analytics to help marketers take informed actions based on data generated before and during a phone conversation. As a result, marketers can dramatically improve ROI by driving more revenue-generating calls, increasing conversion rates, personalizing the customer journey, and running more efficient campaigns. With Fortune 500 customers in telecommunications, financial services, insurance, healthcare, and home services, Invoca’s platform integrates with Google Marketing Platform, Facebook, Adobe Experience Cloud, and Salesforce Sales and Marketing Clouds.