How to Build a Digital Foundation to Transform Your Customer Experience

Date: May 28, 2020 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Keith Barber, Director of Digital Engagement at Tyson Foods
Paul Lima, Founder and Managing Partner, Lima Consulting Group

Before COVID-19, many organizations prioritized short-term digital projects instead of a comprehensive investment in digital transformation. But the pandemic revealed how critical long-term strategies are and why business leaders have an imperative to invest in the future. Within the current environment, organizations must establish a digital foundation to quickly pivot when needed.

The B2B business unit responsible for servicing restaurants at Tyson Foods followed Lima Consulting Group’s Digital Transformation Model to gain the consensus they needed to align the enterprise just in time to support the dramatic pivot caused by COVID-19.

During this webinar, join Keith Barber, the Director of Digital Engagement at Tyson Foods, and Lima Consulting Group’s founder and managing partner, Paul Lima, to learn more about the shift made by Tyson, and how they are transforming to deliver a better digital customer experience.

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