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CMO Guide: How to Plan Smart and Pivot Fast

How do marketers learn to plan? There’s no industry standard for planning, and no course that gives you a cheat sheet. Many marketing organizations are starting to recognize that planning is its own discipline, so they’re creating roles focused entirely … read more »


Thinking Bigger About Marketing Budgets

This eBook is a practical guide for moving enterprise marketing operations from today to tomorrow – from getting by through acts of heroism – to adopting the technology that will increase efficiency. The successful result is a faster time-to-market, with … read more »


Master the Art of Agile Research to Iterate, Innovate and Grow

Date: May 5, 2022 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Kevin Brennan, Head of Growth and Operations, Feedback Loop
Jolene Pierangeli, Senior Director of Marketing, Feedback Loop


Enterprise SEO Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide

Find out more about enterprise SEO software platforms, plus the latest trends, opportunities and challenges in this market. read more »


Enterprise Identity Resolution Platforms

New! MarTech Intelligence Report: Enterprise Identity Resolution Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide     Editorial Advisor:  Kim Davis, Editorial Director of MarTech Research, writing and editing: Karen Burka, Senior Research Consultant, Third Door Media Pamela Parker, Senior Editor and Projects Manager, … read more »


Q2 2022 Propel Media Barometer

The Propel Media Barometer is a quarterly data report to help comms pros with pitching journalists or managing a team.Propel’s PRM email integration features anonymously aggregate data from our users’ media pitches to form deductions about journalist open & response … read more »


How A Composable DXP Helps Brands Create Limitless Digital Experiences

For most brands, delivering consistent, personalized experiences across online channels is both critical and challenging. But today’s accelerated development and digital transformation timelines add even more complexity.Leveraging a digital experience platform (DXP) to assemble the right experiences for your customers … read more »


The Real Cost of Corporate Gifting

No need to spend a lot to see a lot: how quality and personalization around direct mail boosts your outbound strategy. Have you ever wondered how much companies spend on corporate gifting? Or how much you should be spending on … read more »


Making Magic: How to Build Stronger Relationships with Direct Mail and Corporate Gifting

Find out how you can use direct mail and gifting alongside your digital channels to gain a competitive advantage. Build stronger relationships with your prospects, customers and employees to: Improve marketing ROI and boost the overall performance of digital channels … read more »


Reputation Management Guide: How to Manage Your Online Reputation

Discover what it takes to optimize your online reputation and increase your search ranking. 92% of consumers searching on Google never click beyond the first results page – make sure you show up. Chatmeter’s Reputation Management Guide walks you through … read more »