The Web Talent 2018 Digital Marketing Predictions

Around this time each year, marketing professionals from all over the industry sit down and discuss what they see is coming in the next year, as it relates to traditional marketing, digital marketing, tech, and brand strategy.
In this white paper, Web Talent Marketing looks at future platforms, tactics, trends as an opportunity to reach our client’s consumers in a more efficient, effective, and serendipitous manner.

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Web Talent is a Digital Marketing agency that is digital first, but not digital only. The methodologies we execute upon are rooted in the fundamentals of marketing, and help our partners to reach their business goals. We have deep rooted expertise in SEO (Technical, Analytics, Content Marketing, Online PR), PPC (Google, Amazon, etc), & Web Design/Development. Service first and ROI focused, our team is transparent and flexible; large enough to handle enterprise clients, yet small enough to keep it personal.