The Smart Social Report: Volume One

Where is social headed? How does my brand fit in? How can social make me smarter?

If any of these questions have come up in recent strategy sessions, “The Smart Social Report, Volume 1” can provide clarity. Spredfast evaluated fifty leading brands across ten different verticals, eight social networks, and thousands of pieces of social content so they could tell you:

  • Which brands are top-performers across social networks (and why)
  • Why social care teams should take a goal-driven approach
  • How Tumblr can increase fan activation
  • How real-time marketing continues to perform
  • What makes content successful on Instagram

Download The Smart Social Report to inform your social programs with real-world data. 

Sponsored by Spredfast
Spredfast’s smart social software enables companies to build lasting relationships with today’s digitally connected consumer. Part of that is using social data to make smarter marketing decisions when you plan, execute, and analyze your social efforts. Spredfast Intelligence provides a searchable lens to historical and real-time insights to better understand your audience, relevant conversations, and your brand’s social performance.