The Next Generation of Search: Voice

This white paper covers seoClarity’s research and insights into the essentials of Voice Search that marketers need to know to prepare. Using seoClarity’s proprietary search landscape data, a set of billions of data points (Research Grid) and shared experiences supporting over 2,500+ brands globally, this white paper is a comprehensive guide to winning the coming battle for being “the single answer”.
In it you will learn about the importance of the Google Answer Box, how to build a content management strategy to win the Answer Box and how to optimize for it.

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seoClarity is the natural search and content optimization platform that helps brands connect with customers in the moments that matter. The company’s proprietary Clarity GridTM technology combines petabytes of data with machine-learning insights to help marketers develop proven content strategies, analyze competitive gaps, improve site health, and drive performance. The company’s unique approach to understanding audience intent turns the focus from the search engines and algorithms to the customer.