Growth Marketing Automation in a Zero-Click Google World

In 2019, companies dependent on search traffic found out that, for 51% of all searches performed, Google fails to deliver a click to any external website. The data behind the growing number of these “Zero-Click Searches” prompted preeminent search expert Rand Fishkin to proclaim that Google is now undeniably “everyone’s competitor” in search.
This white paper demonstrates the solution to this new “Zero-Click Google World” is to beat Google to the punch — creating landing pages that serve longtail search better than Google can.
Additionally, this white paper will share results of cases where websites have automated this process with a new type of growth marketing technology. The solution works the same for both Paid and Organic search, and the strategy used is supported by Google itself.
This white paper is geared to those in marketing responsible for delivering continued, measurable growth of web traffic, revenue, or leads.

Sponsored by Longtail UX

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