The Definitive Guide to Social Customer Service Success

You know that digital and social are the future of customer service. The question is: how do you get there?

Your business needs to see undeniable value to invest in the resources needed to design, build out and operate a fully functional, high-impact social customer service team. Saddling existing agents with expanded duties has been a Band-Aid solution.

But now volumes are rising, and you’re at the point where a full-fledged social customer service team just makes sense. It’s imperative to supporting exceptional customer service, and to your success.

What do you need to know, and do, to create a truly sophisticated social customer service team?

In this white paper from Lithium, you learn:

  • How to sell the idea of a focused social customer service team to internal stakeholders
  • How to build that team
  • The key metrics and operational aspects involved
  • Customer implications
  • Revenue impact to the business
  • …and more

Sponsored by Lithium

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