Consumers Love Local: Small Retailers Have the Edge

Today’s retail consumers love supporting their communities by shopping at local stores — but those shops need to be a part of the search and consideration phases, which primarily happen online. Learn how people find and make purchases at local retailers so you can turn a casual browser into a repeat customer.

Research Highlights:

G/O Digital conducted a survey of more than 1,700 consumers to see exactly how shoppers search for and purchase at local retail establishments, both online and offline. The overwhelming consensus is consumers love supporting their communities by shopping at local retail businesses. To that end, local retailers need insights into exactly how to market to these potential customers; just because a business’ doors are open doesn’t mean that the community knows.

Key Data Points:

  • Getting and staying in front of shoppers is key. 55 percent of respondents would be somewhat to very likely to click on a retargeted ad from a previous website they had visited.
  • Reviews make a difference to the consumer. Only 8 percent of respondents said online reviews never factor into their decision to purchase at a local retailer.
  • Relevant Facebook ads work for local retailers. Almost 1 in 2 respondents would be likely to click on a Facebook ad that aligns with their personal needs and interests.

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