The Case for Reviews: How Consumers Use Reviews Today

If you run a successful business, you know your team can’t make decisions based on “what we think will probably happen.” You have to use data.

That’s why Trustpilot is providing the data-driven research explaining how consumers use online reviews to decide what to buy, and who to buy it from.

To truly engage your customers, acquire new ones, and accelerate conversions, check out this guide. You’ll be given the data you need to intelligently and effectively use reviews to boost sales.

Download this report from Trustpilot to learn:

  • How consumers engage with reviews
  • Identify customers’ needs at each stage, and speed up the time between “I’m interested” and “I’m sold.”
  • What consumers look for in reviews
  • You’ll learn which factors (quantity, recency, content) affect conversion rates most.
  • The importance of reviews in your industry
  • Discover why consumers are choosing your competitor over you.

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Trustpilot is an online review-driven community and platform that builds relationships between consumers and businesses. Launched in 2007, it has seen rapid adoption and now provides over 95,000 ecommerce businesses with TrustScores based on more than 10 million reviews. Trustpilot enables businesses to engage with customers directly, inviting them to provide reviews of their online experience. This gives brands, in an increasingly crowded online world, the chance to have a better dialogue with customers and channel feedback to improve business operations and customer satisfaction.