The App Marketer’s Guide to Facebook User Acquisition

Facebook is a leading platform for driving installs to your app, with vast targeting options and native ad formats fitting whatever unique goals you might bring to the table. However, app marketers shouldn’t expect to hit the ground running; utilizing Facebook’s full potential and ensuring the ongoing success of your app downloads requires a well-thought out targeting strategy, an eye for design, and ongoing monitoring and optimization.
This white paper from Appness can help you get started by covering topics such as:
  • Identifying your audience
  • Pricing
  • Ad formats
  • and more!

Sponsored by Appness
Appness recognizes the challenges that businesses face in implementing Facebook ad campaigns and maintaining a consistent creative strategy. To address this, Appness has developed a revolutionary marketplace to provide mobile advertisers with access to the human cloud: freelance creative teams and media buying talent powered by the platform’s intelligent ad optimization algorithms. Headquartered in Cyprus, Appness currently works with over 1000 media buyers and more than 100 advertisers worldwide.