4 Steps to Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value

Today’s marketers are continuing to overspend on acquisition and underspend on measuring and increasing customer lifetime value (CLTV). When you’re not focusing your efforts on maximizing CLTV, you’re missing out on the fastest and easiest path to growing revenue and increasing the quality of every customer interaction.

Most approaches to marketing are very channel-centric – interactions on different devices remain siloed and separate, preventing marketers from sourcing the most valuable insights about what their customers want. And if you’re not able to unify those threads of data together into a single customer profile, it becomes impossible to engage customers when and where it will have the most impact. Maximizing CLTV starts with being less channel-centric and more customer-centric.

This white paper from Zaius will help you learn more about how to become truly customer-centric and maximize CLTV.

Sponsored by Zaius
For direct-to-consumer marketers who need to increase revenue, Zaius B2C CRM unifies all customer interaction data in a single platform, empowering marketers to understand revenue-drivers and orchestrate campaigns that maximize customer lifetime value. Zaius is a truly channel-agnostic, and arms marketers with the event-level behavioral intelligence needed to engage customers whenever and wherever it will be most effective.

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