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Customer Data Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide

At a time when uncertainty about everything from war to global warming to economics dominates the headlines, the customer data platform is increasingly seen as one of the must-have elements of the martech stack. Read more »


Marketing Automation Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide

AI-powered MAPs help businesses identify potential customers and automate the process of capturing leads and nurturing them to sales readiness using channels like email, social media, webpages and display ads. Read more »


Power Up Your Marketing Programs with Google Analytics 4 and Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Date: Jan 23, 2024 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Kyle Robbins, Senior Product Manager, AI for Marketing at Salesforce
Carly Boddy, Product Manager at Google
Sara Fefferman, Product Marketing Manager at Salesforce


The State of SEO for 2024: Are you AI-Ready?

Date: Jan 18, 2024 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Shannon Vize, Sr. Content Marketing Manager, Conductor
Steven van Vessum Director of Organic Marketing, Conductor


Data Storytelling Masterclass

Date: Jan 11, 2024 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Rima Deming, Principal Marketing Strategist, Marigold
Britt Fetterhoff, Digital Marketing Strategist, Marigold


The Comprehensive CTV Launch Checklist For B2B Advertisers

Getting started is often the hardest part. And when you see the impact CTV can have on your performance marketing strategy, there’s no time to waste. So MNTN made it simple — use the checklist below to make sure you’re launching … Read more »


2024 AI Trends For Digital Marketing

As we look ahead to 2024, there are several emerging digital marketing trends that marketers should keep an eye on to stay ahead of the game – none bigger than Artificial Intelligence. In this white paper, MoreVisibility highlights some of the … Read more »


The State of Messaging Report

Building relationships with your customers is like constructing a well-designed house. Every time you reach out to your customers—from a simple transaction confirmation to a sophisticated multi-touch campaign—you’re building a relationship. A successful messaging strategy lays a solid foundation, creates … Read more »


Complex Tech Simplified Composable, Headless, and Everything In Between

A recent guide from Merkle, a dentsu company, outlines the challenges affecting this current era of tech confusion and breaks down the latest architectural patterns, like headless, composable, and MACH, from a Sitecore MVP perspective. Download the e-guide to learn … Read more »


Decode the Future of AI and Privacy with Metadata Mastery

Date: Dec 14, 2023 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Alyssa Riley, Director of Product Marketing, Claravine
Chris Comstock, Chief Growth Officer, Claravine
Cory Meyer, Director of Product Management, Claravine

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