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The Consent and Preferences Roadmap: 7 Steps for Success

Embark on a journey towards effective consent and preference management with this infographic, “The Consent and Preferences Roadmap.” Designed to demystify the process, this roadmap outlines seven essential steps to guide your organization towards success. From initial setup to overcoming … Read more »


The Basics of Consent and Preferences: 7 Tenets to Keep in Mind

In the digital landscape, the line between engagement and annoyance is thin. Discover the power of consent and preferences in shaping seamless, positive customer experiences. Learn how to empower your customers with control over their data while enhancing engagement and … Read more »


Unify consented data across your tech stack

Unlock the secrets to optimizing your technology infrastructure with consent management. Discover how integrating consent management optimizes Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) for consent and usability, ensures marketing automation compliance – creating consent-based marketing segments, and seamlessly powers martech systems aligning … Read more »


Quick Answer: What Are the Steps to Prepare for Composable Commerce?

More and more organizations are opting for composable commerce to elevate speed, agility, flexibility and scalability. So how can you start making the most of composable architecture to get ultimate control over the operations and performance of your business? The … Read more »


Personalization That Exceeds Expectations

As more and more customers report their desire for personalization, top brands understand the importance of investing in the right tools to make it happen. A modern content management system stands out as the key piece to delivering relevant experiences. … Read more »


Every Moment Counts

Great customer experiences happen in real time — not days or weeks after a customer engages. Real-time profiles, complete with individual customer attributes and behaviors, let businesses create robust audience segments that drive customer engagement. These concepts apply to many industries. Using … Read more »


Invest In Your Content Agility

Today’s customers expect cross-channel personalization and real-time responses, especially from large, traditional financial services firms. However, the traditional organizational structure doesn’t lend itself to the ultra-fast pace of content creation. Data is siloed, each team’s focus is narrow, and prioritization … Read more »


Call Analytics and Conversation Intelligence Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide

Even as customers increase their use of multiple channels to research and buy products and services, the telephone – particularly the smartphone – has solidified its role in the purchase journey. Read more »


The 2024 Guide to Email Deliverability

Have you ever panicked when a top-performing email campaign flops? Before you worry you’re losing your creative touch and start to overhaul your email strategy, take a look at your email deliverability. It could be the culprit. Deliverability has become … Read more »


The 5 Best Practices of Leading Marketing Teams

These days, everyone is talking about marketing automation. But what do the best of the best B2B marketing teams do differently? Adobe asked them. The responses from more than 600 organizations were distilled into a value-packed, 29-page research report, the … Read more »

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