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The Marketer’s Guide to Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is imperative to a brand’s success, but acquiring and maintaining loyal customers takes a lot of work. “The Marketer’s Guide to Customer Loyalty” is here to help you make sense of all the moving pieces in building, executing, … read more »


Measuring Social Media and the Enterprise/Social ROI

This white paper sets out to make the case that ROI determination can be approached in a unified, structured and straightforward way. It also lays out a framework for expanding the definition of ROI and increasing organizational maturity for measurement … read more »


The Social Intelligence Report

Discover this year’s biggest social marketing trends in our Social Intelligence Report. You’ll learn where the greatest opportunities are in paid, earned, and owned social—and you’ll discover new tools and strategies for building stronger engagement and better results. Download the … read more »


The Four Social Marketing Tools You Need

Download this Forrester report to discover the four social technology categories that matter most to marketers, along with tips on how to select the right vendors. You’ll learn to solve common social marketing challenges using the most effective technology solutions, including how … read more »


Marketing Apps – Turn Interaction into Business Action

Date: Jan 29, 2014 1:00 EST (10:00PST)

Anna Talerico, ion interactive

Jessica Collier, ion interactive


The Definitive Facebook Advertising Playbook

The combination of Facebook’s massive audience and sophisticated third-party ad management platforms represents an excellent opportunity for marketers to reach highly targeted customer segments. Using advanced strategies on Facebook, advertisers will reach more of the right consumers with the right … read more »


2014′s Must-Have Resolutions for Marketers

What are your marketing resolutions for marketing in 2014? If you haven’t nailed them down, it’s time to think about what trends and technologies you should invest in this year. In 2013, we saw big brands start to weave social … read more »


How Top Brand Marketers Use Instagram

Instagram represents a large opportunity for digital marketers who are poised to take advantage of it. This white paper reveals how the top brands in the world use Instagram to drive engagement among their users. It also examines whether or … read more »


10 Tips for Increasing Brand Engagement on Instagram

Instagram now ranks as the third fastest-growing app, and there’s a pretty good chance your brand’s target audience is among its users. To get the most impact from Instagram, companies need a successful marketing strategy and compelling content to get … read more »


The Essential Guide to Social Marketing Campaigns: 5 Ways to Drive Business Growth

The traditional marketing mindset does not translate into the social world. Social marketing is not a one-way pipeline, it is an ever-branching, dynamic and interconnected method of communication that takes a focused strategy to master. This white paper outlines the … read more »