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Instagram for Business

Instagram today has an estimated 1.074 billion monthly active users who are each looking for their own niche content to engage with. If you want your brand to be seen then you should be there, too. Unfortunately, there isn’t one … Read more »


How to Implement Conversational Commerce on Messenger & Instagram Messaging

Allow customers to buy in-channel on Messenger and Instagram Messaging. Learn implementation specifics and best practices for driving sales with this practical guide. A Practitioner’s Handbook: Conversational commerce defined Components of a successful conversational commerce strategy Deployment considerations for conversational … Read more »


4 Tips to Improve LinkedIn Campaigns

Few channels are more effective than LinkedIn for B2B Marketing. Advertising in LinkedIn allows for incredibly precise audience targeting and segmentation based on location, job title, job function, level of seniority, company name, company size, industry, education (degrees), skills / … Read more »


Mastering the Art of B2B Social Media

75% of B2B buyers consult social media before making purchasing decisions. Today more than ever, social media has become the B2B Marketers tool of choice for generating awareness, driving demand and communicating with their audiences. Its ability to impact the … Read more »


The State of B2B Social Media Marketing

To understand the true value of social media for today’s B2B organizations, Oktopost talked to CMOs at a wide range of companies across the globe. The results of Oktopost’s survey shines a light into the state of B2B social media marketing today, … Read more »


The Social Media ROI Playbook: Driving Growth with Social

With over 4 billion social media users worldwide, every minute 350,000 tweets are sent, 4,100 clicks on sponsored Instagram posts, 21 million snaps created, and 694,000 videos viewed on TikTok. This makes social media a goldmine, full of data that … Read more »


Agency Guide: Turn your social platform into a profit engine

Unlock new revenue streams with these social media services As a result of the pandemic, brands have been relying on agencies more than ever to help navigate the rapid shift in online consumer habits. While marketing spend is predicted to … Read more »


5 Ways to Maximize Campaign ROI Through Social and Media Insights

Date: Aug 26, 2021 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Harvey Ranola, Global Head of Media Intelligence, NetBase Quid
Michael Seymour, Global Director of Market Research, NetBase Quid


Global Social Media Advertising Trends Among Retailers in 2021 surveyed global retail brands to learn how they approach their social advertising strategies in 2021. This report helps brands plan their social media advertising strategies in the ever-changing landscape. After reading this eBook you’ll learn how retail brands: Approach … Read more »


Research Guide on Retargeting in 2020–Key Insights to Help You Succeed

Retargeting is an ideal strategy for creating brand familiarity and providing numerous opportunities to re-engage the prospect. Your brand may already be engaged in some forms of retargeting, but it can be difficult to manage and track different campaigns simultaneously, … Read more »