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Love ‘Em, Leave ‘Em and Move On

Absence can make the heart grow fonder, but it can also be a sign that things are amiss. Take a good look at your subscriber list. Are there contacts that haven’t engaged with you in months? Have you successfully secured sign-ups only … read more »


B2B Marketing Automation Tools 2014: The Marketer’s Guide

New! Market Intelligence Report: B2B Marketing Automation Tools 2014: The Marketer’s Guide Consulting Editor: Scott Brinker, CTO, Ion Interactive and Publisher, Chief Marketing Technologist Research/Writers: Brian Kelly, Candlewood Creative; Karen Burka Editor: Claire Schoen, Digital Marketing Depot Download Now   This … read more »


Why We Don’t Buy

  What percentage of shoppers abandon carts in your e-commerce store? 50? 60? 70? Whatever it is, it is surely a top concern. You are not alone. Most online retailers experience a high rate of cart abandonment and are searching … read more »


Trends & Strategies for the Commerce Marketer

  How will you maximize sales this year? What new strategies and automation tactics should you implement? With the constant evolution of commerce marketing, online retailers need to find new ways to reach customers and keep them engaged. Download this … read more »


Paving the Path to Purchase

Driving shoppers to your product pages isn’t easy and it sure isn’t cheap. No commerce marketer can afford to lose sales to an un-engaging purchase path. In this comprehensive white paper, you will learn how to substantially improve your customer … read more »


3 Reasons to Graduate to a Commerce-Centric Email Marketing Platform

Email continues to grow as one of the most effective channels for interactive marketing. It delivers proven results, and it’s highly measurable, which means it can continually be optimized. But truly maximizing the value of email requires the right technology … read more »


Email marketing in a complex world

The ever-changing digital communications landscape demands a paradigm shift when it comes to email marketing. Sending emails to a prospect or customer was simple at one point. However, with the growth of mobile devices and popularity of social networks, your … read more »


The Absolute Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a fantastic way to engage with customers, and drive leads to your website. For an email to be effective, you need to strike the right balance among the different elements of an email: Style Images Copy Offer … read more »


The State of Email Marketing 2013

Even with the rise of social media marketing, email remains a critical channel for connecting with prospects, driving customer engagement and revenue. Email is still the preferred tool for marketers, providing personalization, ease-of-use and measurable results. The challenges in 2013 … read more »


35 Free Pre-Designed Email Templates

These HTML templates come in seven packs, each catering to different marketing messages with five separate layouts: Lead Nurturing Email Letterhead Email Landing Page with Offer Blog Newsletter Digital Magazine Newsletter