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Agency Guide to Call Tracking

The latest advancements in call tracking capabilities have created opportunities for agencies and their clients to more efficiently track and attribute offline conversions with specific marketing campaigns and sales. Armed with this data, agencies are better equipped to prove the … read more »


A Guide to Marketing in 2014

Digital marketing is filled with choices: an array of well-hyped tools, techniques, social networks and devices that may or may not deliver the return we need. In 2014 search, social, PR, data and mobile will become linked, connected and customer-centric. … read more »


Marketer’s Guide to Call Tracking for Google SEO and PPC

If having a successful Google SEO and PPC advertising strategy is important to your business, this eBook can help. It explains the value of tracking calls back to specific Google keyword searches and PPC ads and how to do it. … read more »


Measuring Social Media and the Enterprise/Social ROI

This white paper sets out to make the case that ROI determination can be approached in a unified, structured and straightforward way. It also lays out a framework for expanding the definition of ROI and increasing organizational maturity for measurement … read more »


The Connected Campaign: Social TV, Hashtags and the New Ad Landscape

Television commercials are evolving from a static advertisement, into the cornerstone of a dynamic, multi-channel campaign, meant to inspire consumer action and reaction. This trend has reached an apex in recent months through Super Bowl XLVIII and Sochi’s Winter Olympics. … read more »


Buyer’s Guide to Call Tracking Software for Marketers

Inbound sales calls are the most valuable type of lead, converting to revenue 10 times more than web clicks. It’s why marketers spend $68 billion each year on ads to generate inbound calls. However, most CMOs don’t know what marketing … read more »


Enterprise SEO Tools 2014: A Buyer’s Guide

Updated Third Edition! Market Intelligence Report: Enterprise SEO Tools 2014: A Buyer’s Guide Consulting Editors: Marshall Simmonds, Founder, Define Media Group Eric Enge, President, Stone Temple Consulting Editor: Claire Schoen, Digital Marketing Depot Researcher/Writers: Sarah Engel, Karen Burka Download Now … read more »


Seven Questions Every Advertiser Should Ask About Ad Performance

With tons of data available throughout the customer journey, it’s important for advertisers to know which metrics will help them determine ad effectiveness. While putting together this white paper, Quantcast asked their clients the tough questions about their customers’ path … read more »


Marketing Automation Simplified

More marketers are implementing marketing automation to maximize the value of their data, improve engagements, and effectively measure effectiveness. While automation technology also helps companies become more data-driven to improve accountability, it can be challenging to understand how to make the most … read more »


The Social Intelligence Report

Discover this year’s biggest social marketing trends in our Social Intelligence Report. You’ll learn where the greatest opportunities are in paid, earned, and owned social—and you’ll discover new tools and strategies for building stronger engagement and better results. Download the … read more »