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Top 7 Mistakes Digital Marketing Agencies Make That Turn Into Lost Clients

Sooner or later, every digital marketing agency faces problems with clients because of miscommunication or a lack of coordination. They might also be making disappointing mistakes when managing curated projects or following the latest SEO advice based on Google whims … read more »

Everyone Loves a Top 10 List…

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Digital Marketing Depot hosts a range of whitepapers and webinars on digital marketing topics. Here are three that offer ways to improve your digital marketing tactics and, for agencies, to avoid some common mistakes. But first… a trivia question for … read more »


Choosing an Appropriate SEO Vendor for Large Agencies

As agencies look to provide SEO services in addition to their current offerings, developing a service from the ground up and managing it can be a daunting task. Low quality results could lead to unhappy clients. This white paper discusses … read more »


Digital Advertising Agencies 2014: A Buyer’s Guide

New! Digital Advertising Agencies 2014: A Buyer’s Guide Editor: Claire Schoen, Digital Marketing Depot Researcher/Writer: Karen Burka Download Now Learn how to identify — and hire — the right digital agency for your business — this guide will answer these … read more »

Resolved to find the right digital advertising agency in 2013?

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Happy New Year from Digital Marketing Depot! As 2013 kicks off, many of us are looking at new budgets, new initiatives and new marketing resolutions for the coming year. If one of your resolutions happens to be ‘find the right … read more »


Why Advertising Through Real-Time Bidding Needs a New Pricing Model

For decades, CPM pricing controlled how all advertising was bought and sold and how different media properties were compared. Today’s real-time advertising is a significant opportunity, which can help advertisers reach more targeted viewers, gain efficiency, and improve ROI.  Real-time bidding … read more »


ROI of Marketing Automation

Today’s fastest growing companies are using repeatable marketing and sales 2.0 techniques to grow revenue predictably and reliably. They are embracing the shift from the selling process to the buying process, moving marketing from a cost center to a revenue … read more »


Leverage digital marketing to grow your agency’s retainer-based business

Date: Dec 4, 2012 1:00 EST (10:00PST)

Karen Burka, Author, Digital Agencies: A Buyer's Guide
Rob Eleveld, CEO, Optify


Conversion Attribution: Choosing the Right Model for Your Search Marketing Campaigns

When it comes to conversion attribution, there is no  perfect model.  As a marketer, the imperative is to find a model that works with your business goals and allocates conversion values to meet your priorities. Using your existing data, you can … read more »


Global Digital Advertising: Q2 2012 Update

We’re at the halfway point. How do your results stack up? Using an index of 250 billion ad impressions and Facebook activity for 46 million fans across 225 companies, Adobe® Digital Index evaluates digital advertising activity for Q2 2012 and … read more »