The Five Steps for Defeating Digital Goliaths

Could Competitive Intelligence be the secret weapon for challenger brands?

Amazon, Wayfair, Walmart,…. digital Goliaths dominate market share. It’s a universal challenge for smaller competitors across many different online sectors to claim search victory against these behemoths.
But David ultimately defeated Goliath, and smaller brands today can still stand with these giants. The key is to leverage the competitive tools available to identify and create your own market advantages.
Read this eBook to uncover the five steps to compete with these digital goliaths and build innovative, successful online brands. We’ll also share how Goliaths can defend their brands from upstart challengers to maintain and even grow their market position.
Download and learn how to:
  • Use keyword testing to identify opportunities to win market share
  • Police competitive brand bidding to reduce CPC’s and protect branded keyword value
  • Utilize competitive intelligence to map out and monitor new online markets
  • Guidance on building a strategy against your Goliath.

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