The Auto Parts & Service Marketer’s Guide to Call Analytics

For the auto aftermarket, both digital and offline marketing generate inbound calls. And those callers often convert to customers at the highest rates. This new ebook from call analytics provider DialogTech explains how you can use data from callers to:
  • Optimize media across channels for what really works
  • Put callers into the right retargeting/lookalike campaigns
  • Help your locations/agents convert more callers to customers
  • Prove the full impact of your marketing on business results

Sponsored by DialogTech
DialogTech provides the leading AI-driven conversation intelligence platform for marketers at businesses that value inbound phone calls. When consumers call, DialogTech turns those conversations into actionable insights businesses use to improve marketing ROI, increase sales conversions, and deliver more personalized customer experiences, both online and over the phone. Recognized as the leader and pioneer in call analytics since 2007, DialogTech is the trusted conversation intelligence platform for many of the world's most successful brands and agencies. For more information, visit