SEOs: Take Existing Traffic and Double (or Triple) Conversions

Convert more users with less traffic: it’s not magic, it’s multivariate testing

With so much riding on your landing pages, and only seconds to capture a visitor’s attention, it makes sense to optimize those pages for customer conversion. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. In this white paper you’ll learn the methodology of multivariate testing and why it might be the SEO tool to beat.

  • Understand exactly how multivariate testing brought 29% revenue increases in 18 days without any additional traffic
  • Discover the formula that identifies what really matters to your ideal customer while removing your own biases
  • Learn how to drastically increase your conversion rates without any tricks or gimmicks, just hard science-driven formulas
This white paper from 97th Floor will cover:
  • Why SEOs should be testing/why it should matter to them
  • The methodology
  • Explanation of elements tied to conversion rates that they could consider testing
  • Ending with a brief case study so SEOs can see the application/benefit

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