Quick Start Guide to Modular Content

Maximize content reuse, optimize content budgets

In the last few years, customer experience (CX) has become more important than ever. For nearly every company, the pressure to efficiently scale content production is immense. In fact, 81% of companies surveyed by Gartner expect to be competing mainly on CX this year—so it’s not their products themselves that companies want to sharpen, but the experience of their brand that they deliver to customers.
But creating content—concepting, writing, designing, delivering, storing, and on and on—takes a great deal of resources. After the resources are spent, often that content gets used only once.
Given all of that, how do companies meet the demands for personalization coming from their customers and the pressure to do more with a lower budget?
Learn all about how modular content will help you get the most from the content your teams create by effectively, efficiently, and strategically reusing it.

  • Use content to deliver personalization more efficiently
  • Produce engaging content and stay under budget
  • Create robust content operations workflows

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