Quick Answer: What Are the Steps to Prepare for Composable Commerce?

More and more organizations are opting for composable commerce to elevate speed, agility, flexibility and scalability. So how can you start making the most of composable architecture to get ultimate control over the operations and performance of your business?

The Gartner quick answer report has got you covered with simple 4-steps to help you take the first steps to future-proof your business.

In this report, Gartner® shares how “future businesses will be composable in both business function and technology” and explores how “some digitally advanced organizations are already taking these steps, and some vendors are leading the way.”

With this Quick Answer, follow the practical step-by-step report:

  • Step one — go API-first (‘“headless”) with a decoupled experience layer.
  • Step two — embrace a modular approach to digital commerce technology.
  • Step three — simplify commerce experience composition for the business user.
  • Step four — prepare to compose the core commerce application.

Start your journey to building your custom technology stack today!

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